TV and Radio Interviews


Spirit in Action syndicated on dozens of radio stations nation-wide – “War Tax Refusal, Jail, and Joyful Activism.” Interview with Karl Meyer, has been a devoted advocate for peace and justice since his mid-teens. His pioneering in war tax refusal, and his enthusiastic & fearless advocacy of refusal of complicity with injustice, whether in war, in nuclear weapons, in environmental conditions, or in economics, has inspired legions of activists. (December 17)

The Peace and Justice Show on KZRF Radio (Chico, CA) – Interview with NWTRCC Coordinator Lincoln Rice about NWTRCC’s 40th Anniversary (October 14)

Spirit in Action syndicated on dozens of radio stations nation-wide – “A Home for Peace: Betsy Corner & Randy Kehler.” Interview with Randy Kehler & Betsy Corner, who have been standing strong against paying for war for more than 45 years. They are especially notable because their witness for peace led to an attempt by the govt to take their home, something that happens to very few resisters. (August 6)

Fresno Center for Nonviolence – Stir it Up (National) – Interview with NWTRCC Coordinator Lincoln Rice about War Tax Resistance (April 13)


Shut Up & Play Podcast (National) – Interview with WTR Karl Meyer about WTR Athlete Eroseanna Robinson (July 12)

The Peace and Justice Show on KZRF Radio (Chico, CA) – Interview with NWTRCC Coordinator Lincoln Rice about Tax Day (May 14)

The Peace and Justice Show on KZRF Radio (Chico, CA) – Interview with WTR Bob Bady about Wally & Juanita Nelson (February 26)


Spirit in Action syndicated on dozens of radio stations nation-wide – “How to Pay for Peace, Not War” Interviews with the current and previous Coordinators for NWTRCC (Lincoln Rice and Ruth Benn). They share the essentials from the January 2020 on-line war tax resistance counselor training, including the methods, mechanics, motivations, & consequences of refusing to pay for war. (March 20)

Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story, a documentary that premiered on PBS. At the 5o-minute mark of this documentary, there is a discussion of Day’s war tax resistance. (March 6)


Parallax Views w/ J. G. Michael Podcast on Society & Culture – America’s #1 War Tax Resister Larry Bassett Talks Peace and Protest!” (September 23)

Spirit in Action syndicated on dozens of radio stations nation-wide – “Pacifist Curmudgeon & War Tax Redirection” Interviews with two war tax resisters: Anne Barron of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego & Larry Bassett of the film The Pacifist. (May 11)

Spirit in Action syndicated on dozens of radio stations nation-wide – Interviews with NWTRCC Coordinator Lincoln Rice & War Tax Resister Sue Barnhart or Eugene, Oregon. Both share personal stories and report on Tax Day 2019 Actions. (May 4)

Women’s Radio Hour on KNSJ Radio (San Diego, CA) – Interview with Anne Barron on War Tax Resistance, the Poor People’s Campaign, & the Militarization of the Border (April 3)

The Peace and Justice Show on KZRF Radio (Chico, CA) – Interview with NWTRCC Outreach Consultant Chrissy Kirchhoefer on War Tax Resistance (March 1)


The Bill Newman Show on WHMP Radio (Northampton, Maine) – Tax (Resister) Day, interview with Aaron Falbel starts at 19:30 (April 16)

Freedom Highway on Radio Kingston – WKNY (New York) – What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes? (April 15)

Local Bias (TV Show) –Interview with Randy Kehler – Doing the Right Thing (Jan. 24)


WGME (Maine)Marchers protest excessive spending at the Pentagon (April 19)

“8 O’Clock Buzz” on WORT, Madison —  Jerry Chernow, Paula Rogge, and Lincoln Rice interviewed at 45 minutes in on the Monday, April 17 show

Bishop on Air — War Tax Resister, with Ed Hedemann (Apr. 12)

Wide Angle: Episode 22 – War Tax ResistanceTV interview on YouTube with Boston area WTRs Mary Regan and Lawrence Rosenwald (April 4)

Act Out — What #Vault7 Means for You & Become a War Tax Resister, with Sam Koplinka-Loehr (Mar. 22)

Last Fridays Maine Talk ShowGinny Schneider, Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center, talks about war tax resistance (March 10)

Cindy Sheehan’s SoapboxWar Tax Resistance with Sam Koplinka-Loehr (Feb. 21) Click “Listen to the Archive Here” partway down the page.

WMNF TampaRadioactivity with Rob Lorei, interview with WTR Robert Randall. (Feb. 21) Use this link to listen; choose the 2-21 show in the right column.

KABC News, Los AngelesEd Hedemann on McIntyre in the Morning (Feb. 17) or look at the short synopsis here.

AM 740 KTRH, HoustonTrump Tax Resistance Growing (text of interview) (Feb. 16)

KZFR Chico, CaliforniaPeace & Social Justice Jan. 27; interview with Ruth Benn from NWTRCC


Radio Dispatch with the KnefelsWar Tax Resistance interview with Ed Hedemann (April 15)

Simple Living Works! Podcastredmoonsong, Simple Living War Tax Resister, Episode 67 (April 14)

Peace Buzz Podcast — “Episode 3, War Tax Resistance” interview with Erica Weiland. (April 11)


Occupy Radio Podcast — “War Tax Resistance” interview with Ari Rosenberg. Starts at 6:35 min. (Apr. 15)

WMNF Radio, Florida — “War tax refusers redirect money to civil improvement, and corporations that pay next to nothing in taxes” Rob Lorei interviews Bill Ramsey about resistance and redirection (Apr. 15)

Bishop on Air, WMAY Illinois — “War Tax Resistance” interview with Peter Smith about his experience as a war tax resister. (Apr. 14)

KBOO Radio, Portland — #DearIRS: We refuse to pay for war — interview with Pam Allee, Ruth Benn, and Bill Glassmire (Apr 13)

Northern Spirit Radio — “Supporting War Tax Resisters” interview with Peter Smith (Apr. 5)

Law and Disorder Radio — War Tax Resistance interview with NWTRCC Co­or­di­na­tor Ruth Benn. (Mar. 30)


Radical Personal Finance — David Gross: “Should I Stop Paying My Taxes on Moral Grounds?”

Democracy Now! War Tax Resisters Mark April 15 with Call to Stop Military Spending with Lida Shao (4/15/14)

Porkins Policy Review Episode 17 featuring David Gross (March)

WVTF Public RadioTax Quandary,” featuring Jack Payden-Travers (4/8/14)

Jefferson Exchange Public Radio featuring Peg Morton and Susan Cundiff on “Using the Tax Return to Protest War,” (4/2/14)

2013 and before

Ed Hedemann on “Breaking the Set,” RT TV (9/23/13)

Ed Hedemann on Democracy Now! (and WMNF Radioactivity (4/15/13)

Susan Quinlan on “Letters and Politics” KPFA (at 48 min.; 4/15/13)

Peter Smith on South Bend TV (4/16/13)

David Waters on Birmingham Cbs42 News (4/17/13)

Bishop Gumbleton on Democracy Now! talked about war tax resistance (4/12/13)

Tax Day Video with interviews, New York Raw Videos by RK Chin, (4/17/12)

War tax resister Thad Crouch speaking at the Texans for Accountable Government’s Trans-partisan LiberTEA Party in Austin on tax day — YouTube videos, Part 1 and Part 2 (approx. 7 min. each)

Click here for links to a variety of audio interviews — some short, some long — from several war tax resisters and shows around the country.